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A human is not able to take into account all the details, but a MACHINE is.
We use them to collect & save the TRUE DATA.

So what is 3D scanning for?

     Laser scanning is carried out in order to restore or update the executive documentation, as well as within the framework of the pre-design survey of the reconstruction (repair) object. The work can be performed in the conditions of existing production and at objects of any complexity (tightness, saturation with metal structures).

     We provide a point cloud (array of measurements) for further 3D design in Autodesk environments. Construction of 3D models is possible both according to laser scanning data and according to the data of project documentation. Development of information models (BIM).

     At different stages of construction, measurement work of the object is carried out in order to obtain an up-to-date executive survey. The work is carried out by methods of TLS and classical geodesy. Based on the measurements, the real volume of construction work is recorded and the geometric conformity of the erected structures to the design 3D model is checked.
how we do

directions of our activity

      Industrial facilities :
		oil and gas complex
		metallurgical complex
		mechanical engineering enterprises
		chemical production
		separate workshops and any production sites

      Energy facilities :
		hydroelectric power plant
		сondensing power plant
		nuclear power plant
		open switchgears
		сombined heat and power plant
		power lines

      Cultural heritage sites :
		churches and temples
		historical buildings
		monuments of architecture and archiology
		theaters and museums
		other objects of historical and artistic value

      Objects in civil engineering :
		water parks
		shopping centers
		office buildings
		living spaces

      Transport objects :
		passenger and cargo vessels
		cars and planes
		bridges and overpasses
		tunnels and roads
		transport hubs
		train stations and ports
		shipyards and gateways

      Other objects :
		cisterns, reservoirs and containers
		tankers, commodity parks
		bunker cars, cargo compartments
		open and closed warehouses of bulk materials
		cars and others different objects
Our company provides 3D scanning not only on land but also at sea. Scanning vessels, berths, ports, terminals and more.
We can scan both: static or in motion.
If you need an absolutely accurate model of anything - WE can create that.

We can measure whatever